Whoever says children can’t teach you anything has never had a dandelion handed to them by a child.

We get carried away with life so quick, we hardly realize the beauty in nature.  To an adult, a dandelion is nothing more than a weed that needs to be destroyed in our perfect green grass.  To children, they behold a whole different world of beauty and excitement.  They’re bright and cheery.  They also possess health benefits and nutrients (check them out: http://foodfacts.mercola.com/dandelion-greens.html ).  These are exciting because picking and finding them gives children a sense of accomplishment and joy by spotting them outside of the flower bed (where kids aren’t typically allowed) and it’s like they won a treasure hunt! What’s the treasure? A flower for someone they love.

I wish I could have seen my own face when C handed my husband a dandelion for the first time.  As a professional in the landscape industry, he also finds these things to be a nuisance.  As he grabbed the “flower” presented to him, I saw him looking around for somewhere to throw it.  I quickly got his attention after C walked away.  I said “you never throw away a flower your daughter picks for you.  That’s a huge no-no”.  It took him by surprise, but it’s something that stuck with him because four years later he lights up when the girls give him “flowers”.

We should never take the little things in life for granted, especially little things presented to us by children.  Take time to appreciate what it is.  When a child takes time to show their love for you – you better cherish it.  It might take a third cup of coffee to wake up and actually realize something is being handed to you but that’s okay.  Even if it’s a handful of grass put in a vase with water on a window sill.  People will ask what the lovely concoction is and you can boast about the beautiful bouquet that your favorite oldest daughter picked it for you, and your favorite part about it is the piece of red brick she found to go in there – because she knows you love red leaves in the fall, so you have to love that red rock she found “special just for you”.

Hold those memories close to your heart and be thankful for the kids in your life who help you to see the dandelions in life are actually what make up God’s beautiful picture.



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