A step in the right direction


Handwritten entries aren’t possible.  Daily entries aren’t possible.  I am even struggling with weekly, my goodness! This past month and a half has flown by.  I, personally, have been trying to get on track with some health care so I needed to just take some time to focus on that.  That includes mental health, so I have been spending very limited time from social media as well as taking a break from Facebook. So far, it’s been a great decision.  This morning was a new routine – I actually got to shower while the girls were awake . .  And I blow dried my hair! I feel like a woman.  It’s nice to have that reminder from time to time when motherhood consumes you.

Good news!  Our insurances changed.  You know what that means? It covers speech, occupational therapy with some co pays, and possibly behavioral.  This is HUGE.  Our old insurance wouldn’t help us at all unless Chloe had some sort of diagnosis so we were stuck.  Yesterday we had our first appointment with the Occupational Therapist, Kristen.  She was very sweet and Chloe loved her.  She definitely doesn’t struggle with gross and fine motor skills, so she aced this evaluation with flying colors.   This coming Monday we have speech.  She is extremely verbal, it’s just the matter of how she goes about speaking and communicating.  “Chloe, how did you get a booboo?” Her response is usually, “Why not?”. She goes out of her way to tell me things we have already established like “Mumma! It’s baby Pinsy on the fridge!” (It’s a picture of my niece that has been there for two months and she talks about it all the time, but she does this with countless things).  When she talks there’s not really a calm middle ground.  A lot of words are over annunciated, and with extreme excitement.  Talking with her can be pretty hilarious, as she is a little comedian (“Mumma! I Just FARTED in my UNDERWEAR!!”)  You know, she just gives me these really proud mom moments.  By that, I mean it’s helping me learn humility and grace with her quirky conversations.  She sure makes me ready to have a boy, if he is in God’s cards for us.

Last night Cory and I went over a budget, and with how tight things are I’m actually happy to have this budget! We’re just getting by, but with this it will help tremendously.  I highly recommend it 🙂 .  With parental stressors, rocky finances definitely don’t help.  I was trying to finish writing out the budget neatly, but the girls had the referee eyes this morning ( I’m gonna make my sister mad and look at mom to fix it).  Finally, they found the Tupperware drawer and were getting along.  Ava, along with Chloe, found it hilarious to use her toddler belly to run into Chloe’s head.  They both were falling over with laughter.  Moments like those – hearing both of your kids laughter – is priceless.  And contagious.  We were going to go outside today since it’s warm, but the sky is laughing at me.  It’s getting dark and windy.  I can’t believe it’s almost March, where does the time go?  Cory almost has Chloe’s room completely finished downstairs, and then Ava can finally move out of our room! Praise God! I can like do stuff in my room, like organize my craft closet while the girls sleep.   Tonight I’m supposed to be having a girls night with a dear friend of mine, I am really looking forward to it.  I’ll keep you posted 🙂





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