Saturday coffee date

Coffee dates with your best friend ( husband ) are the best! Got an early start around 6am, because Ava was hungry.

Chloe woke up around 1:30 am (one of her many wake up times) , and came to find me for God knows what reason . I told her she needs to get back in her bed.  I tuck her back into the top bunk . She falls back asleep.  I ninja style crept out of the room .. Closed the door.  Go back out to finish my food I warmed up – my insomnia/anxiety keeps me up at the most random times, and I am always hungry.  Like, preggo version of starving.  Doesn’t matter if I just ate dinner, I am always hungry at night.  I take another bite, mid chew – Crying.  The very familiar, and I hate to say – obnoxious – Chloe cry.  It’s obnoxious because I don’t know how to help my kid! I don’t know if she cries wolf just because she’s not willing to sleep in her bed, or if she has anxiety sleeping away from people.  I have no clue.  But she senses it.  And she hunts down what she wants ( mom ) so she can fall back asleep.  Times like these I thank GOD for not being able to sleep efficiently.  I do believe at times, I’m invincible . . But then Chloe’s infamous, blood curling scream and head butts reassure me that I am very much in fact human.

Cory made breakfast to go with our coffee.  I’ve been blessed with a great cook for a husband! Also, a husband who supports a celiac diet – major bonus points.  Gosh, I love that man.  He had to work  around noon so we enjoyed our time with Daddy until he had to go.  He worked all day, had two services (He manages our church/parish cemetery) so it was a very long day.  He came home and I shut myself in the room.  I got some chores accomplished before he got home – you know, between refereeing the girls and hunting down my coffee/phone/TV remote/their sippy cups along with repeating myself umpteen times –  It was a marathon but I came out still breathing! Once in the room, I finally dug out my sewing machine to fix some of Cory’s pants he’s needed me to fix for about a year now.  Well wouldn’t you know it, Murphy’s Law came into effect when the glorious bells started ringing in my ears just by the sight of my beauteous – yet ancient – sewing machine.  I set it all up, getting more and more excited (I love to sew and haven’t in about four years! ) and it happened. The feeling I was looking forward to quickly equaled the effect of Zebra gum (so amazing for about five seconds and then you are disappointed right away).  My pedal wouldn’t work. Ugh. So I take everything out of the room to try and fix it, so Ava can go to bed since the pack-n-play is still in there.  Then it was time for Chloe to go to bed, so I had to yet again put sewing on hold.  Sigh.  One of these days!! Those darn pants will be fixed but it’s now looking like another year will go by . . Uh oh.  This machine has buttons – at least 20 – on it.  Chloe and buttons? Forget it.  Well, at least that will keep her entertained as long as she doesn’t touch the needle.   Okay, Murphy, I’ll abide by your stupid Law .. Until we meet again. I WILL fix this sewing machine! I think I stressed Cory out getting Chloe ready for bed.  Whoops.  I am so fed up with the procrastinating manipulative games.  “I do it myself” she says.  Sure you will , love.  So you will wait for her to do it and then she dilly dallies like the whole world will just put its orbit on hold for her.  It was a long day and I wasn’t waiting anymore.  The whole world can wait but I’m jumping the gun! I don’t care how loud and obnoxious I have to be (sorry, Cory) to get you tickled/laughed/squirmed/wrestled into your pajamas – you are doing as I Say.  This is not a control battle – this is an I’m not waiting 20 minutes for you to take your sweet time obeying me and controlling this situation.  It’s past your bedtime and I should have clocked out for break from motherhood like an hour ago . I’m only fooling myself because you’ll be awake in a couple hours on the hunt for me . JOKE’S ON ME.


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