This past week and a half has been insane! EVERY time I tried to make time to journal, motherhood called.  I realize now that hand writing is not in the cards when you have children .. Quite frankly – “ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.”

I’m going to have to do a (long-winded) recap ..

Tuesday, January 5th:
​I woke up this morning pondering upon last night with Chloe’s hilarious comment of “My foot is sick”. Was she faking it? She had school this morning and she was limping around while we were getting ready to go.  After the (who knows how many) time(s) I told her to put her shoes on, alas – barefoot .  Sigh.  She is the manipulative procrastinator to a T. Smart girl.  Yay for another fight. The bane of my existence.  “I do it myself!! ” Yet she glares at me with the death stare that says “Haha you can’t make me do it and if you try …. You will regret it. ”  SO what do I do? I put them on anyway.  It’s a lose – lose situation and I am not about to let her win over a pair of boots . WE HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL. But I just smile.  I wonder when she will start catching onto the ” I smile because I love you DEARLY” façade .

I drop her off at school and tell her teacher to keep a close eye to determine whether or not she was just faking it.  Ava and I spent some time together which is always nice. That girl is so sweet.  Her and her sister both have this huge personality about them, it just melts my heart.  Ava is very down to earth, content and easy to please.   Their laughter and smiles are SO contagious!  We go get a couple munchkins, because she’s not feeling well after her shots yesterday.  It sorta put a smile on her face for a bit. I got my beloved Aroma Joes coffee.  They opened up a location a few miles away from my house! Dangerous . It’s my liquid sanity. Hazelnut iced coffee with cream, no sugar. Yes, please. You know the Irish proverb, “Beer is proof that God loves us”? Well, I beg to differ. Coffee is a token of His love.  Because for me without it – I pray you won’t have to find out.

​     I run back to the house for something, and then go wait in the car line to pick Chloe up from school.  I always have to keep a close eye on her when she’s standing out there – even with all the teachers, because she bolts at less than a moment’s notice.  She’s predictably unpredictable.  You always know she will do something, but you just never know what she has up her sleeve.  She’s easily excitable and compulsive.  She sees me and screams, “Mummmmma! ”  And runs toward my car.  While the cars are all slowly moving.  The teachers all scramble to grab her as quick as possible. I have learned to get out of my car the minute I stop so I can catch her.  She crashes into me with a hug.  By crash I mean if you aren’t on guard you will possibly get knocked out by her hitting your head so hard.  It reminds me of when she fractured (I’m 90% positive) my nose last summer in the middle of a meltdown.  While I was holding her – and 8 months pregnant with Ava . What I wouldn’t give to have a video of every day with this girl!


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