Saturday coffee date

Coffee dates with your best friend ( husband ) are the best! Got an early start around 6am, because Ava was hungry. Chloe woke up around 1:30 am (one of her many wake up times) , and came to find me for God knows what reason . I told her she needs to get back […]

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This past week and a half has been insane! EVERY time I tried to make time to journal, motherhood called.  I realize now that hand writing is not in the cards when you have children .. Quite frankly – “ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.” I’m going to have to do a (long-winded) recap .. […]

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Just another day

     Not sure what to make of this morning. We went to the usual mass we always go to – but Cory didn’t have to take Chloe out of church to try and calm her down. Any time she started getting antsy he picked her up and rocker her and she just melted in his arms. […]

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Belated Christmas

Today went pretty well.  My mom came for Christmas and immensely blessed the girls with a ton of gifts.  She bought matching Christmas dresses for the girls, but unfortunately Chloe couldn’t stand the seam in it that ran across her belly.  I put her in the dress about ten minutes before company arrived.  Everyone got here […]

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A new year.

I wish I started this last year.  Funny I decide to start journaling as a New Year’s resolution, and my reason for doing so – my oldest, Chloe, has been pretty calm.  Calm.  This word has not come to my mind in the past three years.  To say I have struggled alongside my husband when it comes to […]

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