A Million Silent Questions

It’s mid morning.  We exchange words, smiles and laughs.  Sips of lukewarm coffee fill the empty spaces.  Having friends over is so refreshing, especially ones who understand. We continue our conversation before it is soon to be interrupted.  I sarcastically add another line to the conversation, but as I laugh I am interrupted sooner than […]

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A Breakthrough

I remember.  I remember on December 9th, 2016 I had so many mixed emotions. We had waited about four months for this appointment. I feared it would be another wasted trip.  More time thrown away.  More energy expelled, that I barely had the strength to muster up to begin with.  My husband was with me, […]

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The wind blows the leaves around that have given up.  They let go.  They get lost in the chaos of the season.  All focus is gone.  Mother nature exhales, trying to brace herself for the next season that’s about to come.  Similar to motherhood. It happens every year.  Magical beauty to behold and gaze upon with the vibrant colors.  Just […]

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The volcano in its safety zone

“Magma rises through cracks on weaknesses in the earth’s crust.  When this pressure is released, as a result of plate movement, magma explodes to the surface causing a volcanic eruption .  The lava from the eruption cools to form a new crust.  Over time, after several eruptions, the rock builds up and a volcano forms.”  ( […]

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Moving forward

Just reflecting on the past month or so.  I’m struggling.  However, in the midst of struggling, God has put us toward the right path in helping our little girl.  I’m struggling because currently it’s truly hard to find the joy in being this mother that God has chosen me to be.  Love hurts.  Enough said.  There […]

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Reflective silence

It’s almost too quiet, I’m not sure I know where to start when it comes to reflecting back on the past few months.  I don’t think I could put my finger on a date of when I last did an entry.  You know what though? That’s perfectly okay.  I’ll be okay.  Mainly because I’ve been […]

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A step in the right direction

Well. Handwritten entries aren’t possible.  Daily entries aren’t possible.  I am even struggling with weekly, my goodness! This past month and a half has flown by.  I, personally, have been trying to get on track with some health care so I needed to just take some time to focus on that.  That includes mental health, so I have been […]

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